Decimus – Management Consulting

Decimus Consulting provide: Interim management, Process re-engineering, Business evaluation and Technology evaluation.

We have worked across the media, finance, consulting and technology areas for clients in Asia-Pacific, Europe, USA and Canada and have considerable hands-on operational experience of setting up and running businesses in the Asia Pacific region.

We help our customers add value to their investment.

We work with investors and blue chip companies to help improve effectiveness and profitability to we also help them to evaluate, turnaround, repackage or wind-up investments.

Some examples of the work we undertake includes:

  • Business evaluation and strategic advice
    Evaluation of a potential businesses or ideas ranging from analysing management skills to technology appraisals and to sales plan reviews.
  • Re-engineering distressed business
    Re-engineering of distressed businesses ranging from cost management, to skills evaluation to idea implementation and delivery.  Our ethos is to understand the business from an operational aspect so change can be implemented quickly. We get involved with repackaging and merging, to winding up unprofitable or unsustainable business units.
  • Sales and marketing management
    Development of realistic sales and marketing plans against which the performance of the business can be objectively measured.
  • Business process / operating procedures implementation
    Effectiveness is a function of the efficiency of the business processes and operating procedures. We can help increase your effectiveness by streamlining processes and procedures across all the major functions of your business.
  • Interim  management assignments
    We can provide seasoned consultants who can take on interim management positions charged with delivering a workout plan.
  • Business packaging for sale
    The management of Decimus has considerable experience in starting company’s from scratch, building them and developing a strategy for negotiating the business for sale.

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