Keeping up with the pace of change is an ever daunting task for any company, whether a start-up or major corporation – especially in the digital age.

Decimus Consulting - Pragmatism, Focus, Effectiveness, Profitability.
Pragmatism, Focus, Effectiveness & Profitability.

Decimus provides business, marketing and technology consulting to help our customers operate more effectively, more efficiently, and, most importantly more profitably.

We are are pragmatic, hands-on consultants who bring an implementation perspective to all our work.

We specialise in developing and implementing results-driven business, marketing, product development and sales strategies to help our clients maximise their business potential, effectiveness, and profitability.

Decimus Consulting services are organised into two broad areas:

Decimus – Digital Media Consulting

Decimus – Digital Media Consulting have a deep understanding of the mechanics of programmatic trading, ad serving and search engine marketing.

Decimus and their team have been planning and buying online media since the beginning of the internet advertising revolution in Asia in the mid 1990’s.

We bring together the art and science of interactive marketing, online business development, media management, ad-serving, programmatic ad-buying, web technology and customer service strategy.

Our vision is to bring together online media and combine it with cutting edge technology to provide best-of-breed online solutions.

Decimus – Management Consulting

Decimus – Management Consulting provide: Interim management, Process re-engineering, Business evaluation and Technology evaluation.

We have worked across the media, finance, consulting and technology areas for clients in Asia-Pacific, Europe, USA and Canada and have considerable hands-on operational experience of setting up and running businesses in the Asia Pacific region.

We help our customers add value to their investment.

We work with investors and blue chip companies to help improve effectiveness, efficiency and profitability to help them to evaluate, turnaround, repackage or wind-up investments.

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