Peter Burton – Principal

Peter Burton - Principal Consultant Decimus Consulting
Peter Burton

Peter Burton is a management consultant and digital media veteran that has started a number of venture-backed internet companies.  He has an impressive track record of building out businesses across the Telecoms, Media, Transport, Hospitality and Finance sectors:

In 1998 – Hong Kong’s first VoIP phone card business – sold to e-Kong (HK SE code 524).  As a founding member of Hong Kong’s first VoIP phone card business, Peter codeveloped ethnic targeting of prepaid calling cards within the deregulated Hong Kong telecom market.  He guided this Internet telecommunications start-up through its early growth and its successful sale in October 1999 to e-Kong Group (formerly known as Goldtron Holdings).  This resulted in a return for the initial investors of +40x.

In 2000 – Asia’s first adserving network – sold to CMGI.  As a founding member of the highly successful SPACE Asia Networks, Peter played an integral role in the design and development of SPACE Asia, Asia’s first adserving network.  Here Peter helped build-out a business that created mutually beneficial relationships between internet website publishers and advertisers.  He guided this internet advertising network start-up, with offices in Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Korea, China and Australia, through its early growth and its successful sale in August 2000 to Engage, Inc., (NASDAQ: ENGA) a majority-owned operating company of CMGI, Inc., (NASDAQ: CMGI).  This resulted in a return for the initial investors of +100x.

In 2002 Activ8 – the in-house media business for Outblaze where Peter continued to hone his online advertising alchemy skills successful monetising a host of webmail properties under the brand.

In 2009 Outblaze / Animoca, on the sale of Outblaze’s messaging business to IBM and to Penske Media Corp., Peter spent two years immersed in real time game analytics and mobile advertising (publisher side) across the iOS and Android platforms.  All aimed at getting and maintaining Outblaze’s portfolio of 150+ games and apps listed in the Apple and Android Top 25 rankings and keeping those hard won users.

Between 2011 and 2014 Peter successfully rolled-out across Asia Pacific Omnicom Media Group’s (comprising of OMD and phd) programmatic buying agency Accuen . Two years post launch Accuen APAC was a multi-million USD business for OMG with operational centres in Australia, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore.

Customer focused, self-motivated, personable and creative Peter has a verifiable record of delivering solutions to business problems. In his early career he worked as a Management Consultant working with a range of Telecom and Financial Services organisations in Asia and in Europe.

Peter has an engineering degree, which was later followed with a marketing diploma and a MBA.  Peter lived and worked in Asia between 1996 and 2014.  He is now UK based where he is working on a number of new ventures.

Specialities: Real Time Bidding (RTB), Programmatic buying team management, Internet advertising, Demand Side Platform (DSP) management, Data Management Platform (DMP) management, Interactive media marketing, Electronic direct marketing, Ad-serving technology, Display ads, Cross platform adserving, Trouble-shooting, Game analytics, Mobile analytics.